Le Fitz Roy Spa in Val Thorens - Le Fitz Roy

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  • piscine hotel 5 étoiles Val Thorens

Le spa

After a day of sport in the great outdoors, continue the adventure in Le Fitz Roy spa, which is inspired by the hotel’s high-altitude setting. With its swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, and beauty treatments, it’s the perfect place to recover from a day on the slopes or, in inclement weather, to indulge yourself in a little “me” time.

The swimming pool

Carved out of the mountainside, Le Fitz Roy swimming pool offers the ultimate mountain spa experience. Open from 10am to 8pm, the pool is a haven of tranquillity and serenity.

The sauna

Saunas and skiing make the perfect couple. Ideal to relax your muscles, dry heat stimulates the heart and prepares your body for a good night’s sleep. In the pure Nordic tradition, Le Fitz Roy sauna is open to all guests without appointment from 10am to 8pm.

Turkish bath

Combining the therapeutic and aesthetic virtues of steam, the Turkish bath enjoys a moist, soothing atmosphere, ideal to detox the body and purify the skin. To lounge in Le Fitz Roy Turkish bath is to enter another dimension. Embark on a journey to balmier climes... without ever leaving the hotel. Open to all guests without appointment from 10am to 8pm.

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Le spa, par Carita

Reputed as an anti-ageing specialist, Carita is in permanent residence at Le Fitz Roy, where it offers a range of treatments inspired by its Global beauty concept for face, body and hair. These treatments are available to non-guests by appointment only.


Radiance and purity

25 min - 70€

Cleansed any impurities thanks to the exclusive CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT, your skin will by purified and radiant in only 25 minutes.

Lagoon hydratation

55 min 110€ - Cinetic : 1h40 min - 150€

Refreshing replenishing care - Dehydrated skin

Dive into Polynesian water and give your skin a burst of moisture! Specially designed for dehydrated and tired skin, this treatment immerses the skin in a bath of freshness. Benefit from a combination of powerful moisturizing cares, rich in lagoon water, and massage techniques that promote the absorption of active ingredients.

Tender smoothing care - Sensitive skin

55 min 110€ - Cinetic : 1h40 min - 150€

Give the temptation with this extremely smoothing "cocoon" treatment. Designed for the most sensitive skin, this treatment combines gentle massages and products rich in soothing and restructuring ingredients.

Smoothing beauty facemask

25 min - 70€

Spectacular beauty for tired skins and with a lack of vitality. In addition to a body treatment or another facial.

Anti-wrinkles ultra-precision

55 min 115€ - Cinetic : 1H40 min 165€

Combining high-performance anti-ageing products, manual and specific massage techniques, this firming treatment has an immediate smoothing effect on the skin. Patches specially formulated for the eyes and lips help redefine these fragile areas.

Toning revitalising care

55 min 120€ - Cinetic : 1H40 min 165€

The best of the expertise of the Artisans of the House of Beauty in this comprehensive new anti-wrinkle treatment that offers a multi-dimensional approach to conquer all types of wrinkles.

Carita 14 by Le Fitz Roy

55 min - 120€

Great Beauty Face Body and Hair

For an immediate beauty from head to toe. Exceptional care combining the legendary CARITA products for a glowing skin, a toned body and radiant hair.

Men facial

60min - 120€

Relaxation and results are at the heart of this face care. After a relaxing back massage, a long massage is administered to eliminate all impurities from the skin. This is followed by an intense exfoliation session for deepdown-purification. The skin is cleansed and the complexion is radiant.


Self revealing

55 min / 85 min - 120€ / 180€

Relax your mind and unleash your body’s energy with this indulgent massage combining a delighful mix of varying rythms and pressure. This subtly executed, varied treatment is

personalized just for you, offering your body a truly magical moment !

Volcanic touch

55min / 85min - 125€ / 175€

Relaxing, sensorial massage with hot stones

This massage with hot stones promotes relaxation and the circulation of energy within the body. Soft,round and warm stones are placed on the different energy points before

Relaxing softness

25 min / 55 min / 85 min - 65€ / 115€ / 170€

Envelopping massage with warm oil.

Dive into exotic perfume of warm oil for a moment of extreme softness. Your skin is nourrished, your tensions evaporate delicately by the combination of gliding movements in a soothing and calm rythm.

The rest of the skieur

55 min / 85 min - 130€ / 180€

Muscle recovery treatment

Ideal after a skiing day, this exceptional treatment reduces muscular tensions, allows the recovery, and vitality.

Head and neck massage

25 min - 65€

Evasion guaranteed with this treatment stimulating fluid circulation going to the head.

The mind is clearer, the head is lighter and worries evaporated.

Plantar reflexology

25 min / 40 min - 60€ / 75€

Stimulation of reflex point on your feet, will gives you relaxation and serenity.

Massage package

6 massages or facials, 55 min - 650€

Choose each day the massage you would like to discover.

Kids massage

25 min / 55min - 60€ / 110€

For kids between 7 and 15 years: back and legs massage with coco nut flavor oil, followed by a little surprise.

Specific treatments

Wings in your back

25 min - 65€

Come to discover this treatment which releases the muscular tensions of the back.

According to your needs, the therapist will make every effort to dissolve your resistances and to bring the energy to circulate in a fluid and supple way.

Light legs

25 min - 65€

Too many bumps, a long day on slopes, this care is ideal for painful legs in need for lightness. The warmed muscle can be worked in depth and stretched for an optimal recovery.

Soft satin skin

40 min - 60€

Exfoliating and energizing massage

Developed by the CARITA sisters, this toning treatment offers a draining, an all-over body scrub with the Rénovateur to eliminate dead skin cells, followed by a massage to moisturize the skin and give it a radiant glow.

Body wrap

25 min - 60€

Light manicure

25min - 50€ 

Full manicure

40min - 60€

Your hands are nourished and repaired.


15 min - 24€


50 min - 65€

A real moment of relaxation for your feet.


Hamman, exfoliation, massage

1h55 - 170€

Body massage, facial treatment

1h25 - 180€

Hammam, exfoliation, body wrap, scalp massage

1h25 - 180€

Osteopathic treatment


Osteopathy considers the patient as a whole and aims, via an osteopathic diagnosis and adapted manual techniques, to restore mobility and to recover and prevent patient’s health. This discipline is interested in functional disorders of the human body (musculoskeletal, visceral, psychic...) and in their origins. Each patient has its own treatment.